What I Offer

Content strategy

Telling inspiring stories is just the first step. A truly effective communications plan needs to use those stories as pivot points to move audiences to action and drive change. Through my work at major media outlets and brands, I’ve developed the editorial expertise, strategic mindset, and strong story judgment needed to create effective outcomes. I’ve developed digital content strategies, built editorial teams, led content optimization programs, and expanded audiences for the content I’ve developed.

Content marketing

At Charles Schwab, I worked closely with subject-matter experts to develop content — including articles, slideshows, and infographics  that demonstrated the company’s perspective and expertise on topics that mattered to clients and prospects. My work creating editorial plans, implementing SEO principles, and polishing copy to make it shine led to a 2.5X increase in traffic, and helped move prospects further down the funnel toward becoming clients. I can work with you to develop a prospect- or audience-development program for your organization as well.

Research, reporting and investigations

I’ve spent many hours digging through documents from corporate 10-Ks to government jobs reports to real estate records. I’ve interviewed government ministers, state Supreme Court justices, international economists (including Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen), and corporate CEOs. I’ve tackled complex economic and legal issues ranging from the intricacies of international trade to the impact of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. My investigative skills and deep experience with big-picture issues can help you unearth the information you need and place it in a larger context, thereby enriching your ability to craft strong narratives, spread the word about your work, and bring the right people on board to support your mission.

Editorial management

I’ve spent more than a half-decade building and supervising teams and coaching writers in the production of high-quality editorial content. I’ve vetted, hired, and directed the work of outside agencies, built effective relationships with internal and external partners, created and managed editorial calendars, and developed new processes to optimize content in support of editorial and marketing goals. I can help you manage an editorial program you’ve already got in place, or I can work with you to build one from the ground up.


Writing and editing

Want to create powerful storytelling that grips audiences, captivates stakeholders, and changes conversations? I can help.
My articles have appeared in major publications across the United States and internationally. I’ve led newsrooms, and written and edited multiple award-winning stories. I can help you improve the quality of your copy and deliver focused, compelling content that supports your mission.



I led Search Engine Optimization efforts for the Brand Journalism team at Charles Schwab, where the program I developed was responsible for more than quadrupling Schwab’s article rankings on Google’s page one and two. I’m certified in BrightEdge, a major SEO management and development platform. I can help you extend the reach of your content by strategically applying key SEO principles to selected web pages or entire sections of content.



Coaching and training

I created an editorial plan for the fixed-income department at Charles Schwab to improve content quality, and developed and delivered a writing training workshop for subject-matter experts. I also worked one-on-one with several experts to guide them through good-writing principles. I can work with your organization to develop targeted training for a group or department, or I can do one-on-one coaching for individuals who need guidance in expressing themselves more clearly and effectively.

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